In a world of investing, trading, or betting, you either make profit or lose it. On rare cases, there will be breakeven. Here our focus is to minimise the risk of loses. At the same time, making a surged return with minimal investment!

Last term, we thought we did a fantastic job! Having hit quite a significant times on correct score at twofold bets. It was amazing! Only if we did had these recorded & posted. We don't wanna miss sharing these prediction tips again this season.

Our predictors have always aim to beat the "low risk low return" terminology. Here, our aim is to always trade with a smaller stake but leaping forward with a twofold return!

Do note:

Our site is free to use. Losses may exceeds expectation, bet at your own risk.

There's no 100% winners here at this prediction. This site serves the purpose as guideline and reference only.

Twofold - Depends on your personal favour, we're setting a fiver as a standard.

Often known as "Accumulator" or "Parlay" - we'll predict correct scores from two football matches weekly to form the Twofold betting in a single ticket.

It is hard enough to hit a single correct score. Much, much, harder to strike both in one ticket. To place a fiver bet on a single match is slack, it is boring! It wins you little and how often do you really hit one correct score?

Therefore, to win a concrete return with twofold betting, we are here to get both correct scores prediction right! However, what chances do we have here? Not much at all really but once you get one right, it doesn't matter if you've thrown away your last 20 bets (£100) lost! You will still make a significant return.


Question is how?

MNC vs HUD 0-0 @ 18/1

CFC vs LIV 1-0 @ 8.5/1

It wins you £765 with a fiver. Is that not convincing? What if your stake was higher? On the other hand, the single correct score ticket would wins you £42.50 @ Odds 8.5/1. If you only hit once on the correct score out of 20 attempts, you would have still lost £7.50. The winning chances? It's only 2.5% based on the probability of goal(s) count between 0 to 10.

Follow our site closely as we are sharing free tips every week and wish to have your winning multiplied!

1 x 2 - Is likewise Home Win "1", Draw "x", or Away Win "2". Rather simple! Place a fiver here of your pick and it wins you exactly what the odds gives you.

Remember! You stand a 33.33% winning probability by choosing either side of the bet under 1 x 2 market.

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